The Spirit of Simple | 7 Family Winter Adventures in the South Shuswap

Winter in the South Shuswap can be a magical experience, full of timeless fun. Embrace the spirit of simple and capture the essence of winter while engaging with our community, connecting with nature, and exploring as a family!
Winter Wonderland in the South Shuswap

Winter in the South Shuswap can be a magical experience, full of timeless fun. Embrace the spirit of simple and capture the essence of winter while engaging with our community, connecting with nature, and exploring as a family!

Here are a few of our favorite winter adventures in the South Shuswap.

Blind Bay

Spend a winter afternoon with your nearest and dearest in the inviting community of Blind Bay. As a family, we love to enjoy the lake, the beach, and its local history in all seasons. Take a short walk through Blind Bay history and visit the charming post office, which dates back to 1914. Continue to Reedman Road Community Park, where you can enjoy the beach and marvel in the late afternoon sunset. Take in the views of Copper Island, the Shuswap Highlands, and the Adams Plateau. If you are lucky, the magical alpenglow of the mountains will illuminate the backdrop for a perfect family photo. Come and let Blind Bay share its community spirit and warmth this winter season!

Original 1914 Post Office
Alpenglow illuminating the Shuswap Highlands
Reedman Road Community Park welcomes you

Skimikin Lake

As far as winter sports go, sliding and snowmobiling are on the top of the fun list! There is something about zipping down a hill or zooming through a forest that can enliven our spirits! Skimikin Lake offers great sliding hills and winter trails to take on these timeless and exhilarating family traditions. The laughter and excitement will bring out the kid in all of us! Have a fire to warm cold hands and enjoy a hot lunch. To further explore the beauty of the Tappen Valley, you can snowshoe or cross-country ski on one of the many short looped Nordic trails near the lake. Load the gear, spend the day, and discover the thrill!

A winter’s afternoon on the ice
A day full of play at the local lake
Snowmobiling in the Tappen Valley

Notch Hill

Who doesn’t love a good story? Take a scenic winter drive along the countryside in historic Notch Hill. The rustic farms, charming old homes, and notable landmarks tell a beautiful story of a once-bustling little railway town. At the Notch Hill Community Park, you can walk the grounds and enjoy the sites of the original hall, which is one of the oldest in the Shuswap, as well as the Notch Hill School and Little White Church. Kids love to watch the train coming through the fields from the hand-crafted viewing platform. Appreciate the historic architecture, step back in time and see a different side of the story in the South Shuswap!

The train viewing platform
Historic 1921 Schoolhouse and “the Little White Church
The restored church and bell tower

Eagle Bay

Have you ever dreamed of a magical forest walk and a beach picnic in the winter? Dream no more! Pack your picnic basket, bundle the family, and head to Wild Rose Bay. This winter walk is one of our favorite family hikes in the South Shuswap. The forested path leads you through a rich and lush canopy of evergreen trees, rocks draped in moss and dusted with snow. You will be in awe of the natural beauty of this family-friendly trail! The lakeside offers an abundance of opportunities for exploration on the rocky out-croppings. On the beach, cozy up, breathe in the crisp lake air, and spend time with your loved ones on a snowfall picnic!

Wild Rose Bay trailhead at the beach
Winter mountains over St. Ives

White Lake

One of the best things about winter is an old fashioned family day, ice skating, playing hockey, and fishing on a sparkling frozen lake. Located in the heart of the South Shuswap, White Lake is a year-round recreational playground and provides fun for all! In the wintertime, the lake transforms into a wintery wonderland and community gathering spot. Indulge in the nostalgic feelings and experience these iconic cold-weather pastimes!

Sparkling ice of White Lake
A peaceful winter’s day


The two ingredients for a fantastic family day is fun and connection! Exercise and adventure are a bonus! Sorrento park offers the perfect place for families to try ice skating or snowshoeing in safe and gentle terrain and an easy-to-reach location. If old man winter chooses to cooperate, an outdoor skating rink is maintained for families and friends to enjoy! The rink is lit at night, making skating under the stars a unique weeknight experience. Encourage the family to try snowshoeing this winter! Among the trees, there is a short route around the perimeter of the park, next to a picturesque creek. Connect with the outdoors and have some fun at Sorrento Park!

Family skating on the outdoor rink
A perfect place for beginner snowshoers


Walk through the winter wonderland and snow-frosted forest in one of South Shuswap’s favorite family destinations. Herald Provincial Park and Margaret Falls is a beautiful and enchanting canyon walk along Reinecker Creek, through a fairytale-like old-growth forest. A perfect winter adventure for the whole family and a must-do this winter season!

A favorite winter destination
Photo Credit:  Shuswap Business Solutions
Exploring the frozen waterfall
Photo Credit:  Shuswap Business Solutions

If there ever was a time to discover the opportunities for new or traditional outdoor adventures that the South Shuswap has to offer, it is now! Embrace the simple pleasure, experience the magic, and dive into the fun of winter!

Author: Sarah Tokarek
Instagram: shuswap_adventure_girl