Sarah Tokarek, Shuswap Adventure Girl

Located near the base of the infamous Crowfoot Mountain and Mount Evans, nestled in a rich, luxuriant, pristine forest is a rainforest valley reminiscent of the coastal woodlands and is an experience like none other!

The adventure to Onyx Creek Falls is unique because at first, you feel like this may not be anything really THAT incredible and special. The forest starts out pretty enough, a meandering pathway takes you gently through a healthy Shuswup forest mixed with hemlock, yew, and pine. On you go, over and under fallen logs, winding along happily through a quiet and beautifully typical, somewhat dry forest. Only 1.5km in as you stand atop a small ridge, looking down the trail, you are hit with an unbelievable sensory explosion! The air hits your face, cool and damp, the smell is woody, mossy, and coastal, the raging creek is loud and alive!